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Rolling on the River

Folbot folding kayaks remove the hassle of cumbersome transport from your river adventure.

The Folbot Edisto model folding kayak.
Peter Frank Edwards
By Lindsay Crouse

Kayaking is about the solo experience of piloting your own boat through waters that are often unreachable by other means. But the tranquillity that goes with such paddling is often compromised by the hassle of transport.

Folbot, the venerable South Carolina-based folding-kayak company, has introduced its updated and fully portable Edisto model (above, from $1,795), which can be put together and taken apart with relative ease (there are several variations of the model, too).

All of its parts, including the paddle, fit neatly into two compact bags. Ideally, you carry the bags to the bank of a river or a pond and assemble the kayak on the spot. (Although the only tools you need are your hands, the first time you try this, it can be a bit tricky.) Once the boat is unfolded and ready for the water, it's smooth sailing in style.

Published on 7/30/2008


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