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Fifteen Amazing Honeymoons
At home or abroad, on a beach or in the city, we've got the perfect honeymoon for you.
Horseback Riding at Molino de La Umbria
Salvador Fabregas's idyllic new Spanish getaway is calling all equestrians.
Basque Dining at Etxebarri
Basque Dining at Etxebarri
Majorca's La Seu Houses Divine Masterpiece
Majorca's La Seu Houses Divine Masterpiece
Basque Masters
Juan Mari Arzak pioneered New Basque cuisine, then, with his daughter Elena, updated it. Now they serve what may be the most delicious food in Spain.
Madrid, Spain: Insider Advice
Where to stay and what to do in Madrid, Spain.
Valencia: A New Golden Age
Andrew Ferren writes from Valencia, Spain
Thoroughly Modern Madrid
With futuristic design and cutting-edge cuisine, the Spanish capital has made a thrilling leap into the 21st century—without losing its traditional allure.
La Rioja Gets Ready
In Spain, a well-known but little-visited wine region becomes an unlikely stage for world-class architecture.
Fantasy Villas: Villazzo Villahotels
Visitors may never want to leave these lavish villas.
Hotel Puerta América, Madrid
Hotel Puerta América: High style from a group effort
Soaking Up Spanish Island Flair: Favorite Finds from Ibiza
Visiting Ibiza, our assistant editor, Chantal M. McLaughlin, was impressed by the Spanish island's natural beauty and bohemian flair.
A Taste of Tapas in Seville
The exuberant spirit of the city is reflected in its myriad tapas bars, where the mood is festive and the flavors are fantastic.
MellyMello, Madrid
Chic apparel for kids in Madrid: MellyMello boutique.
In:Spa Retreats
A movable spa.
Ibiza, Spain: Insider Advice
Where to stay and what to know about Ibiza, Spain.
Madrid: Brimming with Energy
With new sights to see (and most construction finally completed), Madrid makes for a great summer get-away,
Ibiza, Spain
Don't assume the Spanish island of Ibiza is just a party destination.
New York Metropolitan Museum's Sea Cloud II Cruise
Barcelona Through the Years
Barcelona: Insider Advice
Hotels, restaurants and shopping in Barcelona.
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